About Us

Department of Finance is a financial administrative function section office under the leadership of the Party Committee of the University. Finance Department functions to manage school-wide financial accounting matters and organizes financial activities. The main responsibilities of Finance Department include: raising fund by utilizing school’s resources and opening up multiple channels in legal manners; developing reasonable school budgets, controlling and managing the implementation of funds; applying school resources in a scientific way, curtailing spending and improving cost-effectiveness of funds; strengthening the management of school’s capital assets, avoiding loss of state asset, improving asset utilization and operational effectiveness; establishing a full-fledged set of financial rules and regulations, standardizing the school’s economic order; faithfully reflecting the school’s financial status, providing in-time financial information, and providing support for the school’s decision-making; supervising the legitimacy and plausibility of the school’s economic activities.

Under the Department, there are seven major divisions, namely, the Office of Accounting, the Office of Fund Settlement, General Office, Charges Office, Campus-Card Office, the Office of International Students Financial Affairs, and the Office of Logistics Financial Affairs.

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